kurthead  We’ve had nothing but fantastic comments about our Fall remodling projects on the jacuzzi and aerobics room, so we’re at it again! We’re doing a complete renovation on the locker rooms, showers, and restroom areas. We’re really excited about all the remodeling we’ve been able to get done in the past year. It’s all due to our incredibly loyal base of members that always stick with us, tell their friends about us, and keeping coming back year after year.  We really appreciate our great bunch of members, and we’re doing our best to give them a facility that is truly a pleasure to spend their time in.

As usual we have some great specials for new members, and some great new classes. In fact, we’re currently running some of our lowest specials ever, and we can’t keep them going too long. For more info, come by Blue Springs Fitness anytime for a visit, and we’ll be happy to show you around and fill you in on all the latest things. Coming by in person is usually best because some of our specials change weekly, and of course, we always like to make new friends. You can also get info on special events and workout tips on our  FACEBOOK PAGE. Be sure to stop by online and “like” us to get the latest updates and tips.

We guarantee you’ll have a great time at Blue Springs Fitness, where we focus on a friendly family atmosphere. If you like Group Fitness Programs,we have a fantastic Summer lineup, plus a great new Body Pump Class by the World Famous Les Mills. No matter how hot it is outside, inside it’s always cool, and we still have all of our great amenities like the jacuzzi, saunas, tanning, and day care for those busy parents out there. With so much always going on, there is sure to be something you’ll enjoy. We’re also making some changes to our Personal Training that we’re very excited about. As always, be sure  to keep an eye on the Fitness Blog, and keep a look-out for my fitness articles in the Examiner!